The Kiss of a Stranger (The Jonquil Brothers #0)

The Kiss of a Stranger (The Jonquil Brothers #0) Description:

When Crispin Lord Cavratt thoroughly and scandalously kisses a serving woman in the garden of a country inn he assumes the encounter will be of no consequence But he couldn t be more mistaken the maid is not only a lady of birth she s the niece of a very large exceptionally angry gentlemen who claims Crispin has compromised his niece beyond redemption The dismayed young lord has no choice but to marry Miss Catherine Thorndale who lacks both money and refinement and assumes all men are as vicious as her guardian uncle br br Trapped between an unwanted marriage and a hasty annulment which would leave his reputation tainted and Catherine s utterly ruined Crispin begins guiding his wife s transformation from a socially petrified country girl to a lady of society Their unfolding relationship reveals encouraging surprises for both of them and privately each of them wonders if theirs may become a true marriage of the heart But their hopes are dashed when forces conspire to split asunder what fate has granted As a battle of wits escalates into a life threatening confrontation will it be possible for Crispin and Catherine to live happily ever after

Rating: 3.77 out of 5

Seeking Persephone (The Lancaster Family #1)

Seeking Persephone (The Lancaster Family #1) Description:

No description available

Rating: 3.26 out of 5

Drops of Gold (The Jonquil Brothers #2)

Drops of Gold (The Jonquil Brothers #2) Description:

Layton Jonquil has spent the four years since his wife s death in the isolated sanctuary of his home Farland Meadows with only his daughter Caroline Mary Wood a flame haired out spoken overly cheerful governess descends on the household changing both their lives and unearthing secrets Layton would rather remained buried and forgotten Can one woman bring love back into a house too long without it and reclaim a heart too long broken to heal

Rating: 3.35 out of 5

Friends and Foes (The Jonquil Brothers, #1)

Friends and Foes (The Jonquil Brothers, #1) Description:

After five years of tracking and capturing spies on English soil Philip Jonquil Earl of Lampton is in pursuit of his last quarry But at a traveler s inn he encounters an unexpected and far more maddening foe Sorrel Kendrick a young lady who is strikingly pretty shockingly outspoken and entirely unimpressed with him Indeed Sorrel cannot believe the nerve of this gentleman who rudely accuses her of theft and insults her feminine dignity Doubly annoyed when they both end up at a party hosted by mutual friends Philip and Sorrel privately declare war on one another But Philip s tactics which range from flirting to indifference soon backfire as he finds himself reluctantly enjoying Sorrel s company and much to her dismay Sorrel finds Philip s odd manner to be increasingly endearing In the midst of this waning war and growing attraction Philip catches wind of the French spy he s been tracking and Sorrel inadvertently stumbles upon a crucial piece of the puzzle making her indispensable to the mission But can two proud hearts negotiate a ceasefire when cooperation matters most

Rating: 3.73 out of 5

Courting Miss Lancaster (The Lancaster Family #2)

Courting Miss Lancaster (The Lancaster Family #2) Description:

Harry Windower adores blonde green eyes Athena Lancaster but alas a penniless man like himself has no hope of winning a young noblewoman s hand To add insult to injury Athena s brother in law and guardian the Duke of Kielder has asked Harry to assist Athena in finding a gentleman of her dreams But the lovesick Harry is cunning as well as the weeks pass he introduces Athena to suitors who are horrifically boring alarmingly attached to their mothers downright rude astoundingly self absorbed and utterly ridiculous br Athena can t comprehend why she is having so little success meeting eligible and acceptable gentlemen Indeed her circle of admirers couldn t be be less admirable nothing like the loyal gentle friend she s found in Harry But how long can Harry s scheme be hidden before it is discovered And what will Athena do when she uncovers Harry s deception Escape into a charming regency world in this delightfully romantic comedy of manners that will entertain you to the very last word

Rating: 3.79 out of 5

Longing for Home (Longing for Home #1)

Longing for Home (Longing for Home #1) Description:

Twenty six year old Katie Macauley has placed all her hope in Hope Springs a small town in the Wyoming Territory But if she wants to return home to Ireland to make amends with her estranged family she ll need to convince the influential Joseph Archer to hold true to his word and keep her on his payroll as his housekeeper despite her Irish roots The town is caught in an ongoing feud between the Irish and the Reds the frontiersmen who would rather see all the Irish run out of town and the Irish immigrants who are fighting to make a home for themselves in the New World When Joseph agrees to keep Katie on as his housekeeper the feud erupts anew and Katie becomes the reluctant figurehead for the Irish townsfolk As the violence escalates throughout the town Katie must choose between the two men who have been vying for her love though only one might be able to restore hope to her heart

Rating: 3.44 out of 5

Glimmer of Hope

Glimmer of Hope Description:

Stunning Miranda Harford once had the world at her feet She was young carefree and desperately in love But when her new husband left for London without her her world fell apart Devastated by his abandonment Miranda fled their home taking residence at her husband s rarely visited countryside estate For three years she lived alone But now as the holidays draw near an unexpected visitor arrives br br Carter Alexander Harford Seventh Viscount Devereaux is a man driven to succeed His work is his life and the position of Prime Minister of England is within reach But in truth Carter is a man haunted by lost love Estranged from his beautiful wife Carter is shocked to find Miranda the woman he d loved and who he believes has left him in residence at his country home br br As plans for a holiday party move forward the uneasy couple realizes that to avoid further scandal they must keep up appearances in a charade of marital happiness Thrust together by fate it quickly becomes clear that they have both been living beneath a conspired cloud of misunderstanding As family career and social pressures threaten to keep them apart can love have even a glimmer of hope

Rating: 3.39 out of 5

Hope Springs (Longing for Home, #2)

Hope Springs (Longing for Home, #2) Description:

All is not well in Wyoming Katie Macauley gave up her life long dream of returning to Ireland in order to make a home for herself in Hope Springs but her future has never been so uncertain The town is more divided than ever with both the Irish and the Reds stealing property burning buildings and endangering lives br br Katie s heart remains sharply divided between her love for playful Tavish and steady Joseph a decision she feels ill prepared to make In the midst of the growing unrest temperatures drop quickly too quickly and Irish nightmares of famine and cold resurface as the little Wyoming town struggles to beat the harsh winter br br Katie makes one sacrifice after another to keep the peace and help see her loved ones through the difficult days ahead but will it be enough Can the town make amends before their hatred consumes them all And will Katie find the love she has been searching for as well as a home to call her own

Rating: 3.60 out of 5

For Elise

For Elise Description:

They were inseparable in their youth the very best of friends two halves of a whole For four years Miles Linwood the Marquess of Grenton has felt incomplete without her When a carriage breakdown leaves him temporarily stranded in a tiny town Miles makes an unexpected discovery that will alter the course of his life and rewrite the pages of his past

Rating: 3.64 out of 5

As You Are (The Jonquil Brothers #3)

As You Are (The Jonquil Brothers #3) Description:

A horse breeder by trade Corbin Jonquil is more at home in the stables than in the ballroom of his sprawling estate Corbin is the quietest of the Jonquil brothers and has always faded into the background contentedly unnoticed When a mysterious young widow Mrs Clara Bentford moves into the neighborhood however Corbin quickly comes to realize that being noticed has its advantages But how to catch the eye of the lady br br According to his brothers Corbin need only make a few simple changes to transform himself into the object of any woman s desire dubious advice indeed Following a series of misadventures Corbin and Clara slowly lower the facades behind which they ve been hiding leaving Corbin shocked by the horrors that haunt the woman he s coming to care for so ardently When the menace of Clara s past threatens to tear them apart and tensions mount will the couple have the courage to fight for the promise of forever

Rating: 3.31 out of 5