Wild Marauders MC: Lynch

Wild Marauders MC: Lynch Description:

The woman in question was still on the ground unwittingly bringing attention to her large tits as she lay on her backside panting Her wild blonde hair was half up half down and with a huff she brushed it out of her face and eyes which were shooting daggers of blue lightning up at us When my gaze returned to hers she had enough fury in her eyes to damn me to hell and back If she recognized me she didn t show it br br br I shouldn t have but I smiled br br br She got to her feet on her own steam and headed straight for Chicken You dumb shit I couldn t breathe It was clear that she was going to hit him which just wouldn t do No one hit a brother even a prospect and got away with it Chicken actually took a step back producing laughter from Wizard and Tank It was clear her attack had caught him by surprise You could have killed me br br br Just as she raised her hands to hit him I stepped forward and wrapped an arm around her waist hauling her off her feet and back against me I immediately noticed the difference between her and the skinny whores that hung around club Thicker waist curvier hips and right now her fleshy ass was rubbing against me and any time I had something this sweet against my dick I got hard br br br Who the hell is in charge here she snapped digging her nails into my arm and struggling wildly obviously too angry to appreciate her situation Kidnapping is against the law you jerks She tried to pull my arm from around her waist throwing her head back with purpose br br br She wasn t scared just mad as hell br br br Her attempt to head butt me produced a chuckle from the guys I was six foot six and her head barely reached my chest There was nothing she could do to hurt me physically but that didn t matter Just the fact that she was trying to hurt me was cause for immediate action As the president of the club I had a reputation to protect My crew might be amused at what was happening but they still expected me to put her in her place and show her who was boss As she continued to wiggle against me the clip holding her hair popped open releasing long wild hair br br br The kind of hair a man could grab a hold of when pounding into her from behind br br br Fuck me Not a vision that I wanted right then br br br Let me go asshole br br br I had a feeling that her hysterical command was the result of my hard cock Unless she was dead from the waist down she had to feel it against her ass I was harder than a steel rod from her movements and I d always liked a woman that looked like a woman with curves I could sink myself into Another thing affecting my libido was the way she smelled clean and fresh I was used to the smell of cigarettes booze and sex on the whores that I slept with br br br Take your filthy hands off me br br br That did it She needed to be taught a fucking lesson There was an old broken down jeep nearby and I threw her up against it pushing her there with my body Ignoring her gasp of pain I fisted a hand in her long hair and jerked her head back roughly enough so that our eyes could meet br br br Give me anymore trouble and I ll show you how filthy I can get

Rating: 3.78 out of 5

Phantom Riders MC: Hawk

Phantom Riders MC: Hawk Description:

Ultimate betrayal leaves Hawk the president of an outlaw motorcycle club distrustful and hating women He only wants them for one thing now and once he s satisfied his animal urges he casts them aside without a second thought br br But then Audra shows up threatening his club and his way of life and Hawk has to decide to turn the sexy pint sized package of trouble loose or claim her for his own br br Alisha Corsi Editor

Rating: 3.67 out of 5

Bishop's Angel

Bishop's Angel Description:

After ten years of sacrificing everything for his country as a Navy SEAL Bishop is looking for salvation and a little something more permanent in his life Angel a pretty kindergarten teacher thinks she s just what he needs Their chemistry is instant and explosive only Bishop has trouble letting go of his commitment to his country It s up to Angel to prove there s room for her in his future

Rating: 3.65 out of 5

Dark Menace MC: Stone

Dark Menace MC: Stone Description:

Rachel s POV br br br Other than a dozen or so motorcycles backed up at the front of the bar all seemed quiet for an early Friday afternoon Stone pulled in at an angle backing into a spot close to the entrance He cut the engine and held his hand back to help me off I assumed Once I was standing I reached up to undo my helmet He dismounted and swung my way watching me I tried not to let his silent scrutiny bother me but that was hard to do when I was pretty sure that what I saw in his dark eyes was arousal I finally got the strap undone and offered him the helmet staring right back at him while ignoring the slow heat that was crawling up my neck and spreading to cheeks br br br He took the helmet set it on his seat and then opened the saddle bag for my bag As he did this the three men who d been traveling with us walked up I wasn t afraid to meet their eyes dealt with assholes like them every day and I wasn t about to let them intimidate me They simply smirked at me and one of them reached for the door br br br Pit Bull Mutt or Jeff I couldn t tell which halted and turned back to us Stone held my bag out to him Put this in my room br br br Pit Bull s smirk turned into a full fledged grin and he winked at me taking the bag from Stone The bastard I knew what he was thinking I waited until he d disappeared inside before returning my gaze to Stone Like Pit Bull s I knew that the sexy smile on his face was at my expense He knew what was going through my mind and I could tell that he was waiting for me to react br br br I slammed my hands on my hips Your room And just where will you be sleeping I wanted to make it clear from the start that it wouldn t be with me br br br He leaned against his bike and crossed his arms I barely have enough rooms for my men so we ll be sharing sweetheart br br br Like hell we will I ll sleep on a couch somewhere There was no way that I was sharing a bed with him Something told me that if I did we wouldn t be getting much sleep I wasn t stupid When he d kissed me back at Maddie s it may have started in anger but it had ended in full blown passion and there d been no denying that he d had a serious hard on br br br I could tell that Stone didn t like me arguing with him Well that was just too damned bad He could lean against his big ass Harley with his bulging arms crossed over his massive chest and that smoldering look in his eyes till it snowed I may want him because he was hot as hell but he didn t have to know that I wasn t here to provide that kind of service br br br Eyes the color of black coffee took a slow ride over my body and I got the impression that Stone was sizing me up not for a fight but for something entirely different It was sexual I kept my hands on my hips in a silent challenge even as my nipples peaked beneath his hard look The traitors were actually tingling and that sharp feeling of need zeroed right down to my sex which was still buzzing from the bike ride there br br br Holy shit I should have never glanced down at the front of his pants because now I was on fire No way are we sharing a bed I repeated in a tone that was clearly a little weaker than before br br br Then you can share a room with one of my brothers but you won t be sleeping on any couch out in the open where any man can claim you br br br What kind of choice is that br br br The only one you ll get here he snapped back

Rating: 3.51 out of 5

Up In Flames

Up In Flames Description:

Rachel Masters has had a crush on her sexy boss for three years As far as she knows the millionaire architect is oblivious to her walking past her desk every morning with barely a nod in her direction But when the power goes out and they re trapped in an elevator the truth comes out in one steamy episode designed to take Rachel s mind off being claustrophobic br br James White doesn t have a crush on his receptionist He wants her its as simple as that He senses there s a real beauty hidden beneath the granny glasses and professional suites And he plans to find out how hot she is as soon as the chance presents itself

Rating: 3.61 out of 5

What He Wants (Phantom Riders MC, #3)

What He Wants (Phantom Riders MC, #3) Description:

No description available

Rating: 3.69 out of 5

The Promise

The Promise Description:

Shannon Hayes husband David was killed in Iraq nearly a year ago and now she must face her first holiday season without him With a toddler in tow she travels to the Vermont farm where the rest of the family has gathered for the holidays There she comes face to face with the man who was with him when he died and her destiny his older brother Ryan br br For the first time in years Ryan returns home to keep a promise he made to David to take care of Shannon and their daughter It s a pledge Ryan is reluctant to keep because he s been secretly in love with Shannon since first setting eyes on her Their attraction to each other is instant intense and soon the promise isn t the only thing between them

Rating: 3.63 out of 5

A Perfect Fit (Evans Brothers, #1)

A Perfect Fit (Evans Brothers, #1) Description:

An ex Texas Ranger turned bodyguard is hired to protect a beautiful plus size model from a possible serial killer They mix like oil and water but in bed their uncontrolled passion ignites an inferno Can their passion for one another turn into love

Rating: 3.30 out of 5

No Mercy (Phantom Riders MC, #2)

No Mercy (Phantom Riders MC, #2) Description:

Club trouble won t keep Rock from bringing his son and Allie home br br Rock s the VP of Phantom Riders MC Dangerous Unpredictable Ruthless A killer who ll stop at nothing to keep what s his And he wants Allie and their son br br Allie had given Rock her virginity and then ran away when she got pregnant Seven years later he shows up at her door demanding his son and claiming her br br br No Mercy is a stand alone spin off erotic biker romance from Phantom Riders MC Hawk

Rating: 3.39 out of 5

The Sentinels

The Sentinels Description:

I heard the distant sound of what I thought was thunder until it grew closer and I realized that it was actually the rumble of motorcycles coming our way I expected them to ride on past us but when they slowed and pulled up behind Pops truck I straightened nervously They weren t just weekend bikers I could tell that immediately by the way they were dressed and the air of danger that they exuded The six men belonged to an honest to goodness motorcycle club and their worn leather cuts were decked out in colorful patches and name tags br br br They looked serious and mean as hell As I watched them climb off their large bikes and slowly approach us I added big and handsome to their description I glanced at Pops looking for a sign that he knew these bikers If he didn t I was going back to my car to retrieve my baseball bat out of the back seat He just smiled and gave me a wink br br br What was I worried about anyway We were on a busy public highway I took a deep breath smiled and said in my usual cheery tone Hi boys br br br I couldn t tell where their eyes were focused since they were all wearing dark sunglasses The man who appeared to be the leader the hunk wearing the president s patch came to a stop a couple of feet away from us I began to feel self conscious of my clinging wet clothes especially when I felt my nipples turn hard against my thin tee I crossed my arms but the quirk of the man s lips told me that it hadn t been fast enough br br br Jerk br br br You pickin up strays now Pops br br br Ohmygod The deep gravelly tone of his voice was sexy as hell and it did something quirky to my core The man wasn t too bad on the eyes either He was taller than most his sun tanned skin pulled taut over his super hot muscles He oozed dominance and the clunky silver rings on his fingers screamed that they were his backup br br br Bout damn time you got here Pops grumbled pushing away from his truck And be nice to cutie here she stopped to help and fed me too br br br Cutie br br br Now I knew that his eyes were full on me and I could tell by the tilt of his head that he was looking me up and down as if he had the right to I didn t like his intimidation tactics even if his presence was having an unexpected affect on my lady bits something I m sure he was accustomed to when it came to the opposite sex The devil in me prompted me to lower my arms and slap my hands on my curvy hips in a move that I knew was challenging A big mistake I knew when his sexy mouth turned up at both corners br br br Looks like a drowned rat to me The bikers behind him laughed br br br Flattery will get you nowhere I responded sarcastically meeting what I thought were his eyes I turned my attention back to Pops putting my hand on his thin shoulder Now that your boy is here I ll be on my way It was nice meeting you I glanced back at the group of bikers Goodbye boys I gave them a wave eager to be on my way br br br Baby The sound of his growly voice made me stop in my tracks to look back at him You call me a boy again and I ll be only too happy to show you that I m a man

Rating: 3.80 out of 5